The Devils Strategy

God has equipped us with all we need to be successful in life by virtue of our salvation. Does this guarantee our success in life at the end of the day…? How come some “born-again” people today are still wallowing in defeat and unfulfilment? Does this undermine Gods provision of a successful life to us…?
A son once asked his dad why chess is not an Olympic game. His fathers response was brief and to the point “chess is not a noble sport. When you play chess, your objective is to crush the opponents mind. In today’s world, a mans mind is his most precious commodity. Proving to your opponent that his most precious commodity is useless can be devastating for him”.
(Heb. 12 vs 1) indicates that we have a race that God has set before us to run. It a race that has to do with divine destiny God has planned for us to fulfill.
Imagine what the devil does for recreation in his spare time, he would be good at chess. For someone who spend most of his time devising strategies for ensnaring humanity with various vices, he would likely be a formidable chess opponent.
One of the greatest mistake we can make is to underestimate Satan’s cunning. we tend to view him as a loser who ran afoul of god and got fired from his job. unfortunately, he found a new employment. the task of damning men’s souls.
the bible certainly doesn’t play down the devils ability. we are warned that he is an enemy who wishes to destroy all of us (1Pet. 5 vs 8-9)
Most professional chess player have a series of favorite ploys they like to use against their opponent. Satan has several tricks he regularly use against us. by being aware of them, we can avoid his snares (2Cor. 2 vs 11).
here are six strategies that Satan uses:

1. divide

2. doubt

3. discourage

4. diversion

5. defeat

6. delay
In the game of life, Satan wins by default. we are all born in a lost state so, unless we come to faith in JESUS CHRIST, we will perish (CHECKMATE).

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